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Lew Pitcher 07-03-2003 03:08 PM

Re: Output without stdio.h or iostream
On 3 Jul 2003 07:52:30 -0700, (Gabriel Flemming)

>i heard it wouldn't be possible to build a function that sends output
>(maybe a text string) to the console without using the C/C++
>standard-functions from the standard library (puts,printf or
>is this correct?

Yes. But, as it is implementation dependant, it isn't discussed here.

>or is there any possibility of writing such a function WITHOUT the
>usage of any function from the standard library?

Yes again.

>to me, it doesn't make sense, that it could be impossible to do this,
>because every of the standard functions has to be implemented in the

Nonsense. The standard functions have to accompany the compiler; the compiler
doesn't have to implement them in the same manner that it implements a switch()
or if() statement. I/O functions are /not necessarily/ intrinsic to the compiler
(unlike COBOL or Fortran, where the I/O facilities are parsable language
elements, and not callable functions).


write(int, const void *, size_t);

void my_output_routine(char *string)
size_t length;

for (length = 0; *(string+length); ++length);

writes the given string to stdout (in Unix or Linux, given a unix compatable
runtime library).

Lew Pitcher
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Toronto Dominion Bank Financial Group

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