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Joona I Palaste 06-25-2003 09:38 AM

Re: Socket programming urgent help needed
sridhar <> scribbled the following:
> Client - Server Interaction:
> I am sending request to exicute a script from a client
> machine(solaris 8) to server machine(linux) thru my Client.c and
> Server.c programs. If i send one connection at a time immediately
> returns the output. If there more than one request or connection(ie to
> execute more than one script at a time).. it takes time to return the
> output. This problem is only in Linux Platform.. It works perfectly in
> Solaris Environment.I am sending client and server programs as below

There are no sockets in the C programming language as standard. You will
have to consult a newsgroup dedicated to your own implementation. For
Solaris 8 and Linux, I think comp.unix.programmer will do for starters,
as both OSes are compatible with Unix.

(snip over 600 lines of Unix-specific source code)

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