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All I want is justice 06-25-2003 03:06 PM

Real conspiracy theory's script: forced confession
-people of the world jews tested biological and chemical weapons on me
since I was only 7 years old, they destroyed various body parts of my
body. This has been the fate of entire Muslim Ummah for decades, they
have been testing biological weapons on us
Assalam u'Alekum,
Third night when he couldn't pull anything out of me, very late at night
he started pressing my fractured bones, specially the fractured
bones in left side of my body really hard. I had fever and people I am a
human being, he started doing this because he wanted me to sign a form
he had brough it, every time I even tried to deny him, he would either
press the fractured parts a lot harder so much that I would start
screaming, or else he would just dip me in water again, I had very high

I guess it did not really matter for him, weather i had feelings are
not, weather unbaised justice was my right too or not. He just wanted to
say the words he wanted me to day and then sign that form, he tried many
times that night to make me speak exactly the way he wanted me to speak,
sometimes upon forgetting a word or two (because of those injections to
erase my memory) he would either hit me on the fratured bones with that
metallic device. he wanted me to say "I Mohsin worked for FBI and I was
spying on Mahmud Kurchu". Eventually I signed that form, he told me now
he will kill me because he wants to cover all this up.

May God end the slavery of humanity and end the days of those who attack
people from the back but then lie about it. May God end the days of
those who are unjust, unfair, racist and wicked people. Oh God please
show this world that truth and justice really matters.
See how Jews destroyed my body using bio & chemical weapons

download the Animatrix animations from

My crime is, I did not sleep around and I am living in world where most
of the people are mediocre who only care about easy life for themselves,
I want unbiased justice, I want media to speak the truth People one day
I will not be around, how long will we sleep, how long this world will
ignore my cry, what kind of faith and religion allows us to see and
accept unjustice and slavery.

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