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gmauruthi 06-24-2003 05:38 AM

Re: WIN32 C Prototype to VB API Declare

Guess how I came to this page !?

I searched for DSSInitDecoder in google.

Hi Mike Labosh, I think u r also in to using that DSS dll madee by
Olympus. But how the heck did u find the parameters that DSSInitDecoder
function takes in ?

I tried debuggers and disassemblers (like pe explorer) but they only
said that the parameter info cannot be retrieved.

Actually I am from India, trying to make a scribes software. Could you
please tell me the parameters of all the functions that the DSSCore.dll
takes. And if possible how to convert DSS to wave using the dll. Perhaps
I might have something that might be usefull for u. I am doing the
software in visual basic.


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