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Morph 01-18-2005 01:52 PM

Wrong ICONS in the 'open with' list, and in properties ?
The other day, as i used an 'open with' right-click on a file...the list of
applications that are usually displayed, popped up, ... but all the icons
were the wrong type ?
For example .. the WORD icon, was the Adobe 1, the Frontpage was Windows
media player, and so on...
When i run Windows explorer, and use 'large icons' , the mp3. are displayed
in correct form (icon-wise), as are WORD documents, they too, have the
correct Icon form.. but NOT in the 'open with' list, and also, not in my
printer App. ie. send scanned pics to 'and all the APPS have the wrong ICON
to the left of them ? '
Can anyone explain what may have caused this, as things were fine only a
week ago.
Also, if i goto 'start' and 'programs' ... All the small icons to the left
of the Programs are OKAY ? .. So it is really the 'opens with' list, and
when I look at the 'properties' of a file .. the 'Opens with' has the wrong
ICON showing, ie. the Word Icon, for WMPlayer ?
Has anyone any idea, why this has happened and how i can sort it out ?
I have WindowsME, Int.Celeron 333mhz .. I have not installed anything lately
onto my computer either .. Thanks - All the Best - Morph

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