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Microsoft Money
I put together my own computer system two years ago, and now it doesn't
work. I put so much on that harddrive, not backed up to CD, I became
so dependent on it that it's hard for me to even figure out how to
rapidly reconnect to those systems and paradigms. I have access to
several other computers and I have that harddrive. Maybe I'll find a
way to make enough money for a new computer system of my own. But
immediately previous to my computer crashing, I had bank problems .. to
wit, I took my bank's advice and used their online banking service for
several weeks. The numbers downloaded slightly wrong into Microsoft
Money. This, combined with my already near-total poverty, combined with
the first unfair overdraft fee caused multiple overdraft fees (at $30
each) on the same day I got my tax-refund check, for the same amount as
that check. Problem: I called the bank and they said I had no rights,
pay them money. This was several months ago, I stopped returning their
calls, the facts are on a harddrive, I could show it to someone.

What all this has to do with computers, I don't know ... I do know that
I'm making many posts today, they are all different, and this is what I
chose to post in alt.computers. Surely I have a reason.

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