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Jagged Blade Software 02-26-2004 06:01 PM

Jagged Blade Software is a new shareware games developement company
based in England. We have recently released our first game "Astral
Phantom" and have setup our website. Our website will include several
articles written by our lead programmer and designer "Neil Yates" on
many different games developement issues. All this can be found at

Astral Phantom is a surrealistic game of intense action and great
skill. Fly your delicate ship through 28 levels, filled with deadly
obstacles, evil spirits, and vicious traps, that will keep you on the
edge of your seat for hours on end. Quick reflexes and super fast
thinking are needed to navigate this vast world, fraught with high
danger. Astral Phantom uses beautifully rendered 3D visuals along with
high quality sound effects and music.

Best Regards,
The Jagged Blade Team

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