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Chris 02-18-2004 08:15 PM

PDA questions
I'm looking for a discount PDA unit, and I'm trying to decide between the
m500, m505, and m130, all by Palm.

I'd like color if possible, but it's not necessary. They're all "around"
the $100 range.

My questions, which of these 3 are the newest, or more useful? They all
have the 8MB RAM, seem to take the same SD/MMC cards, but the 505 is
expandable in RAM, while the others aren't? I've read reviews that say the
130 isn't as durable, is this so?

Is there a website with free PalmOS software for download?

About the model #s, the 130 looks as though it was made recently, yet the
500 and 505 seem to have alittle better options. Aren't their models named
and numbered in ascending order? It's confusing wading through all the
model#s, features, and all of that.

What can I expect for battery life on the 500 series and 130? Are there
alternative battery choices with better results?

I've seen an IBM c505 PDA, which is supposed to be a "clone" of the Palm
version. Is this PDA the same as the M505? What differences, if any, are

Any tips from PDA owners or users out there would be most appreciated. It's
almost my birthday, and got roughly $100 to spend on my gift. ;-)

My current PDA is an "ancient" Sharp Zaurus with 2MB RAM and a PCMCIA slot.
I wanted color if I could get it, backlighting, more RAM, you know the
drill. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


GT Grand Prix 00 02-19-2004 04:43 PM

Re: PDA questions
go with a pocket pc. you will be much happier

Chris 02-19-2004 07:28 PM

Re: PDA questions

"GT Grand Prix 00" <> wrote in message
> go with a pocket pc. you will be much happier

Thanks for answering NONE of my questions.

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