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Fuse News 09-29-2003 06:44 PM

Re: Is it a racket?

"Ken Blake" <> wrote in message
> In news:3f78695b$0$52153$,
> Fuse News <> typed:
> > I have been receiving an extremely large amount of mail in my

> Hotmail
> > account. More specifically, e-mails that claim to be from

> Microsoft
> > or some other security firm with an "Upgraded Security Patch"

> they
> > all have an attachment of the exact same size, 144k which

> (along with
> > MS policy to never e-mail security patches out) tells me

> they're all
> > viruses. I get 40-50 a day. The size of them clogs my mailbox

> very
> > quickly to the point where I can't receive any new messages.

> I've
> > thoroughly scanned my home and work PCs and found no virus on

> either
> > PC, but these messages keep dumping into my mailbox. What's

> really
> > neat is that I use this mailbox for my job hunt and every

> couple of
> > hours I get the message from MS that my acount is full, but I

> can BUY
> > more space for $x. I can't block all messages from senders not

> in my
> > address book because I get mail from potential employers.

> Instead of
> > offering to sell me more space, shouldn't Microsoft be blocking
> > infected mail coming through their system so it doesn't even

> show up
> > in the mailbox? Or at least stripping the attachment? It seems

> to
> > work well on every mail system I've ever managed.

> The mail is *not* from Microsoft, the attachment it contains *is*
> a virus, and the messages don't come through Microsoft's system.
> There's no way they can block it, since they don't see it before
> you do.
> You are far from the only person with this problem. Thousands, or
> millions, of others do too. This is extremely prevalent.
> By the way you should be aware that Microsoft *never* sends out
> patches by E-mail.
> --
> Ken Blake
> Please reply to the newsgroup

Maybe it's my misunderstanding of Microsoft's mail system. I've used tools
to strip attachments and auto delete messages based on subject in my mail
systems. Does Hotmail work so much differently than the Exchange systems
I've managed that they can't filter any content? Or do they choose not to
as a CYA measure to protect them from blocking something that shouldn't have
been blocked?

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