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Rebecca 11-26-2005 08:56 PM

Re: Win xp and SATA issue??
Dustin Cook wrote:
> xiaoke wrote:
>> Thanks for your help and comments. I finally got it done with the
>> drivers off the mobo cd.
>> Latest drivers from VIA were the problem. Go figure!
>> Now let the show begin !!

> Yea, as I said. :) hehehe... Rebecca, anything to say? :)

THIS is what you said:
nos1eep wrote:

> XP should be able to find a SATA drive without any additional drivers
> unless the SATA channels are on an add-on card. Make sure you do not
> have both a legacy power connector and a SATA power connector attached

Or unless his mainboard chipset isn't Intel. If it's SIS/AMD it may/may
not require drivers.

> to the drive at the same time. BIOS defaults are recommended for the
> initial install. An easy guide is at this site
> If all else fails, RTFM that came with the board.

Good advice.

Dustin Cook

Which has absolutely _nothing_ to do with his final solution.

relic 11-28-2005 11:31 PM

Re: Win xp and SATA issue??
Dustin Cook wrote:
> relic wrote:
>> You can't read, can you. What Rebecca said was that YOUR bs response
>> had nothing to do with the solution. She is correct.

> My response was improper SATA drivers, Rebecca claimed SATA is SATA;
> which is hardly the case. So exactly how was she correct? The guy had
> to load drivers specific to his motherboard chipset for windows to
> accept the SATA drive. Motherboard chipset, moron. :)
> Nice try tho... :)

Trying to obfuscate the subject works with your brain, no one else's.

Going back to the post you snipped: You are wrong, Rebecca was correct.

followups fixed.

They call it PMS because Mad Cow Disease was already taken.

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