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Andre Gronwald 11-28-2003 05:20 PM

voip/sip at cisco 7960 and 1751
i am a trainee and have the task to make the bought hardware working.
the following hardware has been bought:
- 2651xm (with only 64mb ram and 16mb flash, not enough for voip-ios)
- 1751-v (the voip-router)
- 2 7960 ip-phones.

there is some further hardware, but they are not necessary for

all i want is to be able to dial the number of the other phone and get
it to ring!! ;-)
no outbound-routing or anything else... (all router and phones and
server are working in the same subnet!)

first i knew nothing about this topic. now i know a bit, but at this
moment i don't know what to do to get working those things together. the
last days i only used the 1751-v and the phones and a sip-proxy-server.
but i don't know, what exactly to do. i studied many manuals, howtos
etc, but it is not working.

so i would like to know the following:
1. is the pc-sip-proxy-server really needed, or is the 1751-v sufficient?
2. what has to be configured in the 1751-v?
3. if the pc-sip-proxy-server is used, do i still need the 1751-v (only
internal communication is wanted)?

if this is clear to me, i have the next questions... ;-)))

would be great to get help, because after trying everything i am feeling

thank you very much,
Andre Gronwald

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