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Colin B. 05-10-2004 02:42 PM

Re: Computer Room Design
Jim Watt <jimwatt@aol.no_way> wrote:
> On Thu, 11 Mar 2004 16:05:53 GMT, "Colin B."
> <> wrote:
>>The day that you posted your first message to this thread, the
>> link failed repeatedly. It seems OK now though.

> The hosting is currently contracted out to Fasthosts who assure
> me they have all the things they should to ensure 24x7 operation.
> I'm not currently monitoring the uptime, but will start doing that.

I would. I recall the error message as something like "Network Bios
connection time exceeded." That might help pinpoint the problem.

> Thats a modern server room, the population is different to the
> classic 'computer room' although the design requirments are
> similar. Flooring, cooling, electrical, lighting fire supression
> and physical security. Issues of floor loading have got easier.

Interesting. How do you figure that floor loading has gotten easier?

> I doubt anyone is foolish enough to run an AS/400 model 70 !

Hmm. I've no idea what the AS/400 we have downstairs here is, but it's
about twice the size of the old disk drives with the removable 8-platter

> These days we Europeans use different units. Your computer room
> might crash on Mars if you get that mixed up.

Heh. Not to worry, I use the same units as Europe. It's only those
crazies to the south who still use non-metric units.

> I've specified quite a few, and managed the fitting out, the last had
> five racks of Sun servers, Linux boxes, and a storage array. Also
> recently one that only has one small PC in it, but two racks of other
> stuff that runs 24x7 in a mission critical role in a purpose built
> building. Getting it right involves talking to the architects, giving
> specifications to the M&E engineers, and being on top of the
> project to ensure its actually done right. None of that can be
> done either for free, or on a newsgroup.

You don't specify what sort of Sun servers, but I'm getting the feeling
that these are the small-medium servers (i.e. pizza boxes to 4U, 4CPU
systems). As such, it seems to me that resources would be allocated and
configured similarly to small rackable PCs.

>>> The only good advice is to pay someone competent to do the job.

>>And how do you determine the competency of someone? Asking on usenet
>>seems a good place to _start_. So does reading a book on the subject.

> Very easy, take up references with previous clients.

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