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Doug 01-22-2004 02:07 AM

IBM Lotus Sametime Question
Hello all. First let me appologize if I am in the wrong group to ask
this question. I have recently met someone that has encountered the
following problem.
Using the SameTime messenging program that is IBM specific. They had
someone get into thier computer and look at thier Sametime messages.
Even though the preference in the Sametime setup is set to " Not Save
Message Logs" they were able to see who this person has talked to and
to read all the correspondance.
Could anyone here tell me where to find this message log. We are all
running Windows 2000 Professional. I have talked to some people in IT
and even they say that this is impossible. UNLESS someone has
installed a KeyLogger without the owners knowledge. If that is so how
do I identify that there in one running? Once again thanks and if this isnt
the correct group my appologies

This person also is connected to a home network via a router. Could
this person be using this network to see into my friends PC and that
way get all the sametime messages?

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