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John Metzger 06-13-2006 08:04 PM

Movie/DVD Review - One Last Thing...
Movie/DVD Review - One Last Thing...

By Tracy M. Rogers

The first 10 minutes of director Alex Steyermark's One Last Thing...
come across as the typical opening to yet another teen movie, but the
film soon transcends itself to become something more. Although it is
centered around the imminent death of 15-year-old Dylan Jamieson
(Michael Angarano) and his last wish to spend a weekend with supermodel
Nikki (Sunny Mabrey), One Last Thing... is geared towards adults rather
than adolescents. Throughout the picture, screenwriter Barry
Stringfellow considers such weighty issues as the brevity of human life,
atonement for past mistakes, and the existence of an afterlife, and he
does so with humor that is never crass as well as depth that is seldom
seen in film today.

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