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saha 06-25-2006 06:50 PM

FindControl on GridView Cell returning null

This is the problem I am facing (VS2005):

- I do a GridView1.DataSource = DataTable and GridView1.DataBind()
- then I add checkbox coltrols to a selected few cells of the GridView:

CheckBox cb = new checkBox();
cb.ID = "cbSelect";

Every thing works fine and I am able to see the checkboxes on screen.
The user is suppose to select the checkbox, which ever is applicable
and is suppose to click a button for further processing.

On click of the button, I try to fetch the checkBoxes by doing
FindControl on the appropriate cells:

CheckBox cb =

But I always get cb as null. Any idea what might be wrong here ?
Yes, on button click, I check for the controls *before* reassigning the
datasource again.


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