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loga123 06-23-2006 09:10 PM

e.NewValues returning oldvalues in GridView_rowupdating event
Hi All,

I am using 2.0. I have a gridview with
AutoGenerateEditButton="True" .
I am trying to access newValues in rowupdating event. It gives me
"oldvalues" collection.
I have
a) datakeynames property set
b) I am using template fields in my gridview and have "EVAL" for
ItemTemplate and "BIND" for EditItemTemplate
c) I have datasourceID and updatestatement set.
d) I set DataMember="DefaultView"

I am not sure what am I missing. I have worked before with gridview row
update/delete..but never faced such problem.

I want to validate the user input before my row is updated. I
think...we can do this in rowupdating event before row is updated. I am
not sure why e.newvalues collection is returning the oldvalues.

any help is greatly appreciated.

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