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tshad 06-23-2006 01:14 AM

Problem with sending URL in email
I have a URL I am trying to send to a user that contains some parameters
that are in the current page.

if not Session("RegisterReturnURL") is nothing then
stemp = "&ReturnURL=" & Session("RegisterReturnURL")
end if
stemp = UserName.Text & stemp
trace.warn("stemp = " & stemp)

body = "Your Temporary Password is " & password1.text & "<br>" & "for
UserName: " & UserName.text & _
"<br><br>To complete your registration, please go to our <a
href='" & stemp &
"'>Login Page</a>"

The above trace gives me:

stemp = clowe&ReturnURL=/applicant/secure/DisplayResume.aspx?s=1&p=252

What gets sent is what I would expect:

But when I mouseover the link it shows:

What happened to the parameters????

It actually goes out correctly, but why doesn't the mouseover show the



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