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Fantus 07-10-2006 03:18 PM

Connect DVDR, VCR and cable box to old TV

Iím a fan of old and unusual movies, of which I have an extensive collection on VHS tapes. Iím also semi-retired and funds are quite limited. I budgeted and, last week, finally sprang for a DVD recorder. The salesperson assured me that it would work with the equipment I already have.

It doesnít. The store is willing to take back the unit, but no one can advise me. Iíve had similar ill-luck with my cable provider. Iím wondering if you might be able to help? Iíve spent hours googling on the net, and although I now have some ideas, I still donít know what to do.

This is what Iíve got:

An old but good TV with a single coaxial (75 ohm) connector
A cable box (Explorer 2000)
A fairly recent VCR (Sony SLV-N77)
My new DVD recorder, a Toshiba D-RW2
My cable service is digital.

My old configuration worked very well with the above equipment (substitute a DVD player for the DVD recorder). This is how it was set up:

Splitter to incoming coaxial cable; one coax to cable box IN, one to VCR IN
Coaxial cable from TV to VCR OUT
Cable box Video and Audio OUT to VCR IN
VCR Video and Audio OUT to DVD IN
With this configuration I used the VCR remote to switch from L1 (to record on the VCR) to L2 (to watch movies on the DVD player). I used the cable box remote to switch stations and control volume. This configuration does not work with the new DVD recorder.

Iíve read that an RF modulator might solve the problem Ė but Iíve also read that it might decrease the picture quality. Iíve also read conflicting and confusing advice on how to connect the various cables/devices to an RF modulator.

I just want something that works with both the VCR and the DVD recorder, as I plan to transfer my tapes to DVD. Iím willing to exchange the DVD recorder for another model in the same price range ($200. Canadian). Iím willing to invest in an inexpensive RF modulator if picture and audio quality wonít be too compromised Ė and if I know how to use it. Iím also willing to give up the ability to watch an analog program while recording, even though that is a nice feature.


alex4444 01-17-2011 02:58 PM

Please see this webpage for answers and diagrams:

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