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Colonel 09-07-2003 06:53 PM

Attack of the Spammer's Zombies'
It's no secret that the spammers have conspired with the hackers to ensure
that the spammers can continue to hawk their penis enlarger pills and
whatever accross the fruited plain and everywhere else for that matter.
Sobig being just the beginning. I was reading up on a recent one -- Mapson,
and it's variants which is passed around the P2P's then it uses the MSN
Messenger buddy list to further propagate. It ends up being administered
from IRC somewhere.

It disables just about all of the AV programs like Nortons, Trend PC-cillin,
F-Secure and many others. It disables Zone Alarm, BlackIce and other
firewalls. It disables email protection like POP3trap.

It disables regedit, sysedit, task manager and msconfig. Some variants also
disable the keyboard and mouse. Talk about being dead in the water.

It copies itself to files calling itself ad-aware.exe or matrix movie.exe,
or zone alarm.exe and a bunch of others.

It sends itself out to the messenger buddy list contacts with a .bat or .com
or .exe, .scr or .pif extension.

It even sends mail out spoofing the from address to be claiming to be a patch attachment called K54403.exe.

No longer is it a game between the neophyte hackers against the neophyte
users. It has now become much more serious. It is now marching hoards of
home PC zombies resembling an army of ants moving in unison across
continents consuming everything in it's path.

Be sure to tune in to part two, when the spammers and the hackers fight it
out for control of the computing empire. The movie begins with the bad guys
placing moles in high level management positions of Microsoft and developing
stratagies against the Unix-types. By the way, the only way to expose these
high level moles is to pull down their pants and see if they have enlarged
penis'. Rated R for nudity, sex and violence.

Yes, I took my meds.

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