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Cap 08-07-2003 10:57 PM

Re: Could I have been hacked?
You are a victim of your own stupidity, Debbie.
****ing idiot...

"Tracker" <"snailmail(remove)222000"> wrote in message
> Robert Burris wrote:
> > Go to and read up on SMTP. You'll find out

> > anyone can use "anything" in the "To:" header of an e-mail message. You
> > need to rethink the idea that you're in control of a server when you

> > know the fundamentals.
> >
> > What if some clueless idiot, like Tracker, comes along and says "yes,

> > been hacked" over something stupid like this? What if said idiot tells

> > to format and reinstall? Do you realize that anyone and everyone can

> > you advice in a newsgroup like this? Don't rely on help from dubious

> > to help you skate through.
> >

> >

> The reason for this format/reinstall is because the general public is

unaware of
> the signs that their computer is hacked/owned.
> This is a safe guard to keep personal computers secured. Since people
> constantly flame my knowledge, it shows me I know what this babe is

> about. It gives me more confidence that what this babe is posting and

> is "right on the nose". The truth is always challenged by unknowledgeable
> individuals.
> You want the victims to stay victims, "no can do".
> Tracker
> I know how important it is for me not to define myself by how others
> perceive me.
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> Minds" visit:
> It will teach you to learn about Windows, the Internet and Hacking
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