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ivan 08-13-2004 07:30 PM

Olympus C-960
I have owned an Olympus C-960 camera for about three and a half years.

However recently I have noticed that (most of the time) on taking outdoor
scenes on nice sunny days, blue skies tend to come out as a burnt-out white,
with the whole image appearing very flat, as if it has been taken on an very
overcast day, this is with the camera on the default fully automatic setting
....I'm sure this wasn't a problem a when I first had the camera.

I recently purchased a cheap 2 mp Fuji fixed focus camera for my wife, and
taking the same shots as the 960 and using the default automatic exposure
setting, produces bright crystal-clear images, displaying nice blue skies
and fluffy white clouds.

Could this be a problem occurring with the image sensor?, as most other
pictures, even in quite badly lit environments turn out as good as they ever
did, and I must confess that up until now I have been very pleased with the
results, even though its only a 1.3 mega pixel camera.


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