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Bodo 05-12-2006 08:32 PM

ICS fails with with Bluetooth Network
I've setup a bluetooth network that connects my Laptop runing winXP Home and
a PC runing Windows XP Prof
using a Bluetooth adapter.
I want my laptop to share internetconnection with. ICS option is enabled on
the the PCs ADSL router.

PC (Network Neighborhood )
LAN Connection - Status: Disabled : Device AVM Bluetooth adapter
LAN Connection - Status Connected, shared, Device AVM ADSL Device Fritz Box
LAN Connection - Status: cable disconnected- Device: NIC

Bluetooth Networkconnection - Status: connected to Laptop computer name
IP: Sub

Laptop (Network Neighborhood )
Bluetooth Network.
IP Sub

I can send ping between PC and laptop and the laptop sees windows recources
on the PC
I'm logged in on both devices as windows administrator.
However I'm unable to share the PC internet connection.
Disableing PCs firewall does not help.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot?

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