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srvking 05-12-2006 10:38 AM

Error Accessing SQL Server from ASP.Net
The following error is encountered while trying to Host the site from IIS ..
" The Assembly Version ([ASSEMBLY VERSION]) does not match the Database Version ([DATABASE VERSION]).
"Error: Could not connect to the database specified in the connection string for SqlDataProvider. "

We have 2 different machines over which we have 2 different SQL Server.
In Web.Config, if we give server=server1 it works well and there is no problem at all...
if we give server=server2, and execute http://localhost/application, the above mentioned error occurs..

Can anyone throw some light on this regard.
Its urgent.

unholy 05-12-2006 03:20 PM

dont look at me for an answer i never liked .NET.

Though i could direct u to saying theres something wrong with ur 2nd SQL Server? or are they direct Images of each other?

srvking 05-13-2006 06:20 AM

I wud really appreciate if u give me some reference even though u dont like .Net....

Actually server1 and server2 have been installed from the same CD to different machines.. so they are virtually the same.. may be there cud have been some mistake while configurnig server2, but what that i am not sure...

fred5152 12-18-2007 09:18 PM

from which server are you accessing the database?
can you post your connection string?

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