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Erik Tamminga 07-10-2003 09:52 PM

Re: Cisco Catalyst 3550-12T

1) Ethernet at 1000Mbps will work on CAT5 cabling as long as you're not
living on the edge of CAT5 (streching it's limitations, 90m max). The
3550-12T is a (mainly)copper switch witch terminates 12 RJ45-UTP and 2 GBIC
interfaces. You cannot connect fiber to the 12 utp ports (without
2) You don't need fiber, unless distances and harsh (like elect.
interferance) environments limit the use of cat5.
3) No, fiber won't terminate using RJ45. Fiber uses ST / SC or MT-RJ
connections. MT-RJ looks a bit like UTP but certainly isn't. Fiber uses
light to transport information, UTP uses electrical signals.

Cisco introduced some new desktop switching models recently, also offering
10/100/1000 ports. Have a look at the catalyst 3750G-24T-(S/E) (with
routing) or the catalyst 2970G-24T (without routing). Certainly the last one
(if you don't need routing) will probably be cheaper than the 3550-12T you
mentioned, offering the same performance capabilities.


"robchow" <> wrote in message om...
> Hello,
> I am looking into purchasing this switch but have some questions.
> 1) The reason for this purchase is to use the 1000 Mbps ports between
> my servers. I currently have CAT5 for the LAN. Do I need to purchase
> fiber cables or can I use the existing cables and be able to transfer
> at 1000 Mbps?
> 2) If I do need fiber, any recommendation (manufacturer, model, etc.)?
> 3) Do fiber terminate with RJ45? If not, I guess I will need to
> purchase a transceiver. Any suggestions?
> Thanks

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