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Jim Kirby 07-08-2003 06:03 PM

Re: Difference btwn 2924XL v. 2924XL-EN
You're ever-so close Doug. There was an original 2924XL that did not
carry either the -A nor -EN designations. These original switches are
wonderful workhorses but since they only carry 4M of memory they can't
do important things such as ISL, 802.1q, NTP or TACACS+. Also due to
the low memory they are not upgradeable to the enterprise image.

The first 2900XL series shipped after these were the -A models which
carried the same IOS image as the original 2924XL but had 8M of memory
making them upgradeable to the enterprise IOS image, which would
effectively make them a -EN switch. To my knowledge there is no
hardware difference between -A and -EN switches.

Eventually Cisco did away with the -A designation entirely and made
the Enterprise IOS standard on all XL switches, including the 3500XL
series. Also, since all 2900XL and 3500XL series switches carry
lifetime hardware and software support you should be able to get the
latest release ever created although that may take a call to Cisco.


Doug McIntyre <> wrote in message news:<3f06e0bf$0$641$> ...
> (perl user) writes:
> >Question... whats the difference between an enterprise version and a
> >non-enterprise version, to be more specific, a 2924xl v 2924xl-en.
> >similar to my inquiry between the 2924 v 2924xl, the 2924xl-en has
> >also reached its end of sale state and thus no info can be gathered at
> >the cisco site. can anyone tell me the benefits of either machine
> >and/or features (standard, optional)? great thanks in advance.

> >also, many thanks to doug mcintyre and walter roberson for their
> >insight between the 2924 v 2924xl.

> There's really only two part #'s for that switch. The WS-C2924XL-A and
> WS-C2924XL-EN so I assume you are talking about the difference between
> the -A and the -EN (enterprise) licensing.
> Again if they don't specificly mention which part # in the description
> you are going to have to have console output to see what it is when it
> boots.
> The Enterprise license on this particular switch has to do with VTP;
> VLAN VTP trunking and VLAN pruning. They only work on the -EN switch and are
> disabled on the -A non enterprise switch. Both can do VLAN's.
> If you root around on the Cisco site long enough you may find the
> old documentation area. They are doing their best to hide this now-a-days.
> But in there you should be able to still find the old 2900 series
> enterprise manual describing the exact differences. I couldn't find it
> after searching for 5 minutes.
> You can't look in the main areas because these switches have been
> EOL'd for a while. Most companies do take down their product lit for
> EOL'd products..

xfiles 10-01-2007 03:15 PM

Cisco Documentation for 2900XL and 3500XL Series Switches
Just responding to this post, if you want to find Cisco documentation for 2900 XL switch and 3500 XL switch you can find it here:

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