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Matt 11-29-2004 09:50 PM

Re: Automatic C++ header generation?
Hello Richard, et al,

Thanks so much for all the feedback to this point.

One of the problems I had to conquer was my misunderstanding of C++
header-file and body-file relationships. Once I got over that, things
became easier to understand.

In the end, however, I see that it might be difficult for me to
completely automate the generation of head files; there seems too much
benefit from human formatting and commenting. However, the automation
can help save a lot of mundane work.

The lzz problem with a specific part of source code remains; however,
it's not at this point a stumbling block, but if it is in the future,
I may email the lzz author(s) with the question/info.

Thanks again!

On 21 Nov 2004 18:29:24 -0500, Richard Corden
<> wrote:
>We now have about 350k of lines of lzz code, and I now find it alien
>to have to write both a header and source file. As you may have
>noticed, I am not shy about promoting the use of lzz, I think it
>should be part of everybodies tool kit.

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