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Marcello do Guzman 08-28-2004 08:34 PM

I will be making my first of several mid-month visits to several
investors and venture capital firms beginning September. I am
interested ONLY in SOFTWARE ventures. Of particular interest are the
following types of software:

+ Applications software
+ Business process management (BPM) software
+ Telecommunications software
+ Customer relationship management software (CRM)
+ Entertainment software (music, games, and digital)
+ Vertical market software (large vertical markets)
+ Infrastructure software (applications development, application
integration and middleware, embedded software tools, relational
database management, network and systems management, business
intelligence and data warehousing, security software, storage
management software)
+ Other (special purpose software, scientific analysis, homeland
security, etc)

The software should be completed, documented, beta-tested and

Please provide an executive summary of one to three pages describing
what the software does, value proposition, competition, competitive
advantages, target market, size of market, revenue potential, number
of licenses sold and revenues. Provide a demo if you have one or be
prepared to demonstrate the software.

We are looking for breakthrough software products or software that
offers a measureable improvement or quantum leap over competing
products. The software should be significant enough to build a
successful business around.

Your confidentiality and intellectual property rights will be fully
protected. Will sign NDA.

Contact me via email providing the executive summary and contact
information. If the software is of interest to me I will request a
business plan.

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