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haim 06-08-2004 09:46 PM

What are you going to do with your spare time? XpoLog 2.5 released
XpoLog Ltd. announced today the release of XpoLog Center 2.5,

XpoLog center is a log viewing and analysis server, with data
collection, monitoring and manipulation capabilities for developers,
administrators and tech support teams.
With XpoLog you can resolve technical problems faster then ever making
customers satisfied and getting more spare time.
Build a self managing log portal for your enterprise systems enabling
fast access and intelligent management of logs and data.
Easily view and analyze large portions of log files and data. Collect,
manage and send data for technical support calls.
Some of the new features:

- Automatic log pattern detection for any log file.
- Improved Log viewer screen.
- Database support and Windows Event viewer support.
- Access logs behind Http server.
- Detect new log files on disk automatically.
- Verifier mechanism is a powerful tool to represent system state.
- Scheduler for tasks and data transmission.
- Data injection of log into Database, or files.
- Merge logs and get online view of the combined log.
- Log viewer for : text, xml, windows event viewer, Database.
- Pattern definition for any log file schema.
- Collect data and export over FTP, eMail, SSH and more.
- Auto detect changing log files.
- Graphic Web Interface.
- Filter and search.
- View number of logs in the same time.
- Data transformation to SQL, XML, CSV and more.
- Monitor and generate alerts over any file types.
- Get automatic support calls from your systems

XpoLog has many more features
Visit us at
Also available as WAR and EAR for J2EE deployments.

Contact us for additional information.

Haim Koschitzky
What are you going to do with your spare time?

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