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yantan 08-05-2004 04:55 AM

Would any body please let me know how to set hardware &
software permissions for different users.

suppose i have to users( limited users) A & B. i am the
administrator and want to restrict the access of cd rom ,
dvd rom, printer, dial up network connections for user A
and for user B i wish him not be able to see or have
access to the stat menu. istead i will place icons of
different softwares on his desktop.

Please let me know how can i restruct there access to
other 3rd party softwares like norton antivirus, fl
studio, or any other softwares.

is there any way, i could make a special folder for both
of them sepratelly. and after that they will not be able
to make, create or use (access) any other folder except my
own created " Special Folder for them". and can save every
thing in this special folder

Please note i am useing Microsoft Windows XP Profession
Edition. i have single computer and all of my family
member using it. i am very poor in using windows please
discribe procedure in details. they are my teen borthers
and sisters who are almost expert in computer. i donot
understand from where they get such a difficult ways to
use, explore windows. which passes above my head.

Please do not mention of using third party softwares. as
at preasent i am not in a position to buy one.


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