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Gabriel S. 07-28-2004 02:34 PM

Re: Virtual Memory Problem...I think
The default or recommended paging file size for Windows XP Professional is
equal to 1.5 times the total amount of physical RAM. You can enhance your
system's performance by setting the initial size of the paging file to the
value displayed in the Virtual Memory dialog box's Maximum Size box. This
eliminates the time required to enlarge the file from the initial size to
the maximum size.
I hope this helps.

"Brian McLean" <Brian> escribió en el
> Hello everyone, I was online and reading a topic on a forum about ways to

Tweak XP to make it run a bit faster.
> Here is a screenshot of where I was editing:
> Ok, well the tutorial said to check "No Paging File" then apply it and

restart your computer. So I did so and I decided to change it back but the
problem was that I didn't remember the numbers I used in the Custom Size
Box. I set the number to 90 and 190 just as an estimate because I had
absolutely no idea what I was doing. Everything started working just fine
until I put a CD into the CD drive on my computer and tried listening to
some music. The speakers were really fuzzy. At first I thought, maybe the
CD was messed up so I tried another CD but the same problem. This time I
thought that maybe it was the CD drive so I listened to some music I already
had on my computer. Again fuzzy. Yesterday I could listen to music just
fine so unless something broke inside both of my speakers then I believe it
has something to do with my virtual memory. Could someone help me out here?

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