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MidnightDad 12-29-2005 02:58 AM

Newbie: Creating chapters
Forgive me for my newbie-ness, but here goes. I'm capturing video via
Firewire from a Sony Digital-8 camcorder. I'm using Nero 6 to create a
DVD project to burn on my Sony DVD-RW drive. I have some questions:

1) What is the best digital format to capture the video? Nero gives me
many choices, but I'm not sure which one to pick.

2) Is there any way to automatically create chapters? I know that the
software claims it can do that, but its based on scene changes and is
quite imperfect. I think a better way would be to key off the chapters
already present on the tape. I believe that whenever I press stop and
start during the recording, that's considered a chapter.

3) Is there any way to pick up the encoded information from the tape,
such as the shooting date, and incorporate that into the captured

4) I'm finding Nero difficult to use, especially when creating
chapters. The first frame of each chapter is supposed to display on
the DVD menu, but the frame keeps changing every time I revisit the
chapter. Anyone else having that problem? I'm written to the company
to no avail.

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