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Joseph S. Powell, III 01-30-2005 06:23 PM

Orwell's 1984 DVD with PROPER Eurtymics soundtrack....
........Having been disappointed by the dismal soundtrack in the official
1984 DVD, I have created my own - seems the film in available this month
until Feb 22nd on Showtime In Demand (and will likely air on one of the
Showtime channels in Feb).
Since I have a Panasonic combo DVR/DVD Recorder, I dubbed myself a copy
- it is in Widescreen (at least on Showtime In Demand), and has the much
preferred Eurythmics soundtrack, which for me has always set the proper
mood for this film.
IMO it was a serious mistake for the director to insist on the other
soundtrack for the DVD, when for over fifteen years the fans of the film
have enjoyed it with the Eurythmics track.
A soundtrack sets the atmosphere for a film, and the new soundtrack of
the DVD seems to derail the film for me.
The DVD should have at least offered both, as was done with the Legend
DVD (many Americans still prefer the mesmerising Tangerine Dream track
over the Goldsmith one offered on the extended version of the film!).
At any rate, I'm happy to finally have what I consider the PROPER
version of Orwell's 1984 on DVD, even if I did have to make it myself (I
am not selling any copies as that is piracy; you'll have to make your own!:)

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