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blah blah 12-09-2004 10:58 PM

phillips 642 vs jvc xv-n310b (both region free)
I googled region free dvd and came up with these 2 players over at
amazon. (phillips 642 vs jvc xv-n310b)

From looking around here it seems that a lot of people have bought the
phillips unit, enter the magical key commands and are good to go. Is
anyone using the jvc unit? (I have to admit, I am partial to JVC as I
have a tv and vcr that I bought years ago and have never had any
problems with)...

Mostly, we will want to play UK dvd's, in addition to "american" dvd's

If anyone would like to comment on why I should by one versus the other
that's great.

Just from quick searching around here, it seems that their is more
expertise wrt to the phillips unit....

Thanks in advance


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