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Fernando 07-02-2003 04:50 PM

Re: Company Not Listed On Web Site
Ron can you stop to send virus.
I received two time virus from you.
Please don't do that.

"Ron" <> wrote in message news:<004301c32c54$a0cbed60$a601280a@phx.gbl>...
> Hi. I'm attempting to get an MCSE/MCDBA Certification
> using an accredited "Microsoft Certified Partner". I have
> been to two institutions so far and neither has been able
> to find a sufficient number of students to "make" the
> class. I have now located a third school in this area
> through an ad in the newspaper. The aforementioned ad
> contained a "Microsoft Certified Partner" logo.When I
> began to investigate further I learned that they did not
> use the same "Microsoft Official Curriculum" Textbooks as
> the other two schools. I am also concerned because of the
> fact that they are not listed on the local search for
> a "Microsoft Certified Training Site". I was told that
> there were several curriculums available but this didn't
> make sense to me. I thought that the "MOC" was a major
> part of the requirements of becoming a "Microsoft
> Certified Partner".

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