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StatCat 08-20-2004 03:43 AM

DVD Burner Pixelation?
I bought a Go Video dvd+rw recorder unit (R6640) about a month ago and
have noticed a problem with it. I hooked it up to my vcr and it seems to
work alright, but I've noticed that the picture is semi-pixelated at
even SP. This is really noticeable especially if the video is moving
around. I've recorded some tapes in 1 hour High Quality mode but haven't
noticed this problem when I recorded at that speed. It looks exactly
like my tape which is what I'm aiming for. Any ideas what could be wrong
here? I'm using TDK dvd+r discs by the way. SP I thought was a high
quality picture mode but on this unit it seems like a big step down in
terms of quality.

Thanks for any help

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