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Hans Bremler 06-04-2004 02:50 PM

Linux Forced Subs?
I've a wuestion about Forced subs in Linux: I want to make a backup of my
Lord of the Rings film, there are forced subtitles on the CD. I used
dvd::rip to rip the film, I was also able to rip the whole subtitle, but I
only want to see the forced subs during the film. When I use mplayer with
-vobsub my_subtitle -forcedsubsonly this has no efect on the subtitles, I
still see the whole sutbtile :-( I have tried to use vob2sub (from submux)
and converted the subs into *.bmp, but they're too big, and I can't open
them with mplayer, further I believe *.bmp is only for (s)vcds, but my fil
is xvid.
Does anyone has an idea?

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