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Joseph A. Gervasi \(Diabolik DVD/Exhumed Films\) 05-26-2004 04:28 PM

DIABOLIK DVD: Battle Royale 2 All-Region DVD!
Hi. Just a short note to say we have the new, official Korean 2-disc special
edition of BATTLE ROYALE 2, which is an all-region disc with English
subtitles! For those of you waiting to see the sequel to one of the most
popular Japanese genre films of all time, come check us out at:
We're in the US, we have a great reputation and all orders ship THE DAY they
are placed!
We also just got the film OLD BOY, which won this year's Grand Prix at the
Cannes Film Festival. It's from the director of the superb SYMPATHY FOR MR.
I guess I should mention we have THOUSANDS of other import and rare titles
on DVD (all official releases).
Thanks for your time, Joseph

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