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Ragman 05-16-2004 02:23 PM

DVD Recorder Basic Questions
I am thinking of getting a stand-alone DVD recorder to replace my VCR. I am
not quite sure it'll be that simple...

Can you record a TV show, for example, on a DVD RW disc (whether "+" or "-
")standard and take that disc to a DVD player in another room? We do this,
of course, with VHS tapes. Also, looking at the specs on the display boxes,
most do not say they have a TV tuner built-in. Is this because it is
standard in all of them, or is it because most do not have a tuner?

Also, can a single RW disc be used over and over (as a tape is used) even
if it is finalised?

And if you record more than one event sequentially on the same disc, are
they accessable as "chapters" are on a pre-recorded disc? We frequently
record two or three shows on a tape over the period of a few days, then
watch them later. Sometimes we skip to the second or third show on the tape
to watch it before the first show.


Shadowhawk 05-17-2004 02:45 AM

Re: DVD Recorder Basic Questions
1. Yes, if the recorder you purchase can record on RW+ or -. And also if your
other player will play the format. Check your compatability.

2. Yes.

3. Most players record the show to a hard drive, and give you the option to
place them whatever way you want when you burn the disc.


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