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Chris Phillipo 04-05-2004 01:33 AM

Re: What is the Easiest Way to Backup DVDs?
In article <c455rp$1efd$>, says...
> Lenny <you@wish.haha> wrote:
> >Usually, movies make a profit first time they're shown; in cinemas. Unless
> >they're really crappy that is, in which case they won't break even even
> >after DVD sales have been added to the total income... Recipie for fixing
> >that is to stop people from making rotten movies.

> So your theory is that the promise of lower profits from DVD sales
> (and lower overall) will lead to better movies? Perhaps you came from
> the east side of the iron curtain, but in general, profit attracts talent,
> not the other way around. And you're quite wrong - many movies that were
> total flops on the US movie scene came out ahead after the world wide and
> the DVD sales were done. Lots of people that weren't willing to pay $9.50
> each to see a movie might pay $16-20 to watch it at home (figure that's
> at least half the price) or to rent it.
> DVDs that don't sell get sold in the 2 for $18 packs, or down
> to 9.99 and 12.99 pretty quickly. And that's still good money. So if the
> price bothers you, wait a while.
> (At least you're not pretending you're "backing" up your movies)

I don't know if there ever has been a world wide release movie that has
been saved by the DVD release. The cost of marketing and distrubution
ont ht sale is so high that if it doesn't make money right off the bat
it's buried under interest shortly there after. It doens't have to be a
bad movie to end up being a bad investment however. Just look at the
original Italian job. Great movie, still costing the studio money
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