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PseudoApparition 12-31-2003 05:26 AM

Waydowntown and Kitchen Party
Well, it looks like Universal/Alliance (in Canada, not sure about US) has
decided to release these two films (finally) on DVD. At first, it was great
news and I ordered them as soon as I could. Well, I got a chance to look at
the DVDs today, and noticed that they're both FULLFRAME -and- single-layer
discs. Which got me wondering... were these films intended to be 1.33:1?
Were they shown that way theatrically (I missed the theatrical run in my
city, the hometown of the director)? I checked and couldn't
find any aspect-ratio information.

There also appears to be no extras at all on either DVD, which is a small
let-down, but not as frustrating as getting 1.33:1 transfers on single-layer
discs. Universal/Alliance REALLY didn't try too hard with these. I just
hope the "A Problem With Fear" DVD is, at the very least, in its proper
aspect ratio (1.85:1, if I recall correctly).


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