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Roger 12-30-2003 06:23 AM

New to DVD recording - need help
My computer (a Dell 8300) has a NEC 4X DVD recorder (DVD+R/RW), video
capture card and Roxio Videowave Movie Creator/Sonic MyDVD LE software. I
need to capture video from both analog and digital sources and burn either
PAL or NTSC DVDs. I have the following questions (these questions pertain to
home DVDs, i.e. no macrovision, no copyrighted material etc.):
1. Given a multisystem VCR (which can read both PAL and NTSC DVDs), can I
burn a NTSC DVD if input from VCR is PAL and vice versa?
2. I need to fit no less than 2 hours worth of captured video with stereo
sound on one DVD. What setting should I use in terms of bit rate, sound
quality etc.?
3. Is there a way to append a DVD eg: a disc once burnt with a few video
clips not amounting to the full capacity of the DVD, with additional video
4. To make a copy of a home DVD with conversion from PAL to NTSC and vice
versa, do I need software in addition to what I have? The Sonic MyDVD LE can
apparently make an exact copy but I did not see a setting that would let me
make conversions.
Thank you for your time. I will appreciate any help with these questions.

Richard G Amirault 12-30-2003 06:31 PM

Re: New to DVD recording - need help
Not realy the right newsgroup. Try

or was it

I forget, sorry.

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