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Tom C. 12-20-2005 09:21 PM

Wireless Connection Drops
I'm using a Netgear wg602 wireless access point with its latest posted
firmware. This connects to a linksys DSL router. I've got a Dell Inspiron
5100 laptop with a built-in wireless card and it's not more than 6 feet away
from the AP. The signal bars on the laptop are pegged and Windows XP SP2
says that signal strenght is excellent. After several minutes, the
connection just drops. I can use the View Available Wireless Networks dialog
to reconnect. And then several minutes later it drops again. I tried
switching the AP from channel 11 to channel 1, but same results.

Possible complicating factors: the laptop has AOL 9.0 loaded on it (not
mine, btw :-) and Trend Micro PC-cillin combined anti-virus and personal
firewall. I did try disabling the firewall but that didn't make any
difference. In general I'm always suspect of AOL stuff, so I thought I'd
mention the fact that it's there. Finally, the pc has all of the latest
Windows XP SP2 and beyond fixes on it. I've done a full anti-virus scan and
spyware scan as well and came up clean. Any ideas? Thanks!

Tom C. 12-21-2005 09:00 PM

Re: Wireless Connection Drops
Replying to myself here: Turned out that the drivers on laptop for the
internal wireless card needed to be updated. Funny thing, this is one of the
first things I tried to do, but the Dell support web site indicated that the
only driver update file they had posted was specifically NOT for English
language use (not for a Windows English Operating System). Only when I was
at my wits end and did the extra research on the Dell web site support
forums did I find out that the comments posted with the driver update were
bogus and that I should just go ahead and use it anyway. I did, and now the
laptop connects to the wireless LAN upon bootup, and STAYS connected!

Thanks to this link provided in a post from Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows
Networking) for making me go back and revisit the drivers issue. It was my
first inclination, and probably should be yours.

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