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Anonymous Joe 11-02-2003 08:31 PM

Help with PAL -> NTSC DVD conversion
Hi all,

My friend over in the UK had sent me a video that I wanna put on DVD. Its
about 20 minutes long.

He had recorded it with his DVD recorder. It's in PAL with the AC3 Stereo
audio, it's a straight DVD rip, that he had put up on FTP for me to get.

Anyways, my player doesn't accept the PAL disc when I burned it onto DVD-RW,
so I figured I'm going to have to convert it to NTSC.

I was able to get the video to be the correct aspect using the NTSC 720x480
res and 23.967fps with 3:2 pulldown so that TMPGEnc says 23.967fps (29.97
internally). Setup everything else for the video right.

Did the audio seperate, and in Besweet v1.4, chose to convert the frame rate
from 25000 -> 23967. It seemed to work well, taking a while, and showing me
the frame conversion.

When I author the DVD there are no errors, its all NTSC compliant and
everything. When I play it back, though, the audio is terribly out of sync.
This is my trouble.

So, I'm currently using TMPGEnc and Besweet, and would like to be able to do
it with just these two, maybe some other audio tools to convert between AC3
and WAV, and back again.

Sorry for the cross-posting, and I hope the group doesnt mind
if its OT.

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