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Treetop 10-30-2003 09:23 PM

HULK DVD (Spoilers)












I was FINALLY able to watch the Hulk DVD last night. I have not heard
very good reviews regarding the movie from the various boards that I
have watch. Actually I have not heard much of anything regarding the
DVD compared to other Marvel/DV movies that have been released.

First off they way that they kept doing the split screen / multiple
boxes with different shots in it was new to me. I have not seen this
type of filming on the big screen before. Maybe the once or twice in
another movie to show a phone call or something, but typically they
switch between the callers on full screen. To me this really brought
out the comic book feel to the movie.

Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno cameo. The amazing part to me is not that
they were there ( I was looking for Stan Lee) is that my wife knew who
Lou Ferrigno was, lol.

Loved the last line in the movie - "You are making me angry. You
wouldn't like me when I am angry." Wife didn't catch the reference.

The one part of the movie I didn't care for was David Banner doing the
experiment on himself and passing it on to his son. That part just
didn't work for me. Other story lines at least Bruce had some
knowledge of what was going on and there was always the chance he
could find a cure. Having his father do this genetically and not from
the gamma radiation makes it harder, I think, for Bruce to find the

One last thought. Keep in mind that I have not read the Hulk comics,
and it has been quite a while since I saw any of the Hulk TV shows.
The Hulk is thought of as big and dumb for the most part. For some
reason, during the movie it hit me that the Hulk is a child. If the
Hulk only shows up, lets say for an hour or two every month or so, it
would take centuries for him to mature enough to become even a young
child or a teenager. Don't know if this makes sense.

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