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Re: Holy Crap! Daredevil on DVD!
On Wed, 30 Jul 2003 0:22:55 -0400, Cernovog <> wrote:

> Let me start off by saying that I was absolutely pleased at punch when I
>walked out of the movie theater on opening day of Daredevil.
> I walked in with an open mind. I was afraid the movie would be bad -- fans
>of the comic were eschewing it and booing Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
>seemed to cheery to be Elektra -- but I was hopeful that it would remain
>faithful to the elements in the comics that made it successful -- Affleck was
>a self-confessed DareDevil fan, and the industry has been more respectful of
>comic book stories since the success of X-Men and Spider-Man.
> I was so absolutely thrilled with the movie, there was no doubt that I
>would I own this DVD the day it came out. What I wasn't expecting was such a
>feature-packed set. They really milked every bit of space on two dual layered
> You get your choice between Widescreen and "Look! No Stupid Black Bars!".
>The movie is featured in Dolby 5.1 Surround and *gasp!* 5.1 DTS -- a treat
>you don't see every day on an American DVD. The Spanish and French audio
>tracks are also Dolby 5.1 Surround.
> The movie has two different kinds of commentary: Audio by the director and
>producer and a text commentary that clues you on the rich comic book
>background and history (I haven't tried either yet). There's also an
>"enhanced viewing mode" like in X-Men 1.5 or the original Matrix's "follow
>the white rabbit mode".
> The second disc contains two one-hour documentaries: One about the film,
>the other about the comic. I watched the comic book one and it is just jammed
>pack with monologues from darn near everyone who ever had anything to do with
>Daredevil. The Frank Miller commentary is the best, of course, because Miller
>truly embraced Daredevil and made him the character he is today and the
>character that the movie revolves around.
> There is just tons more stuff on the second disk. I haven't even scratched
>the surface. It's just overwhelming.
> As a bonus, the DVD comes with a coupon for $3 off X-Men 1.5! I already
>have it, but I'm happy cuz I got a good deal on it and it came with a free
>ticket to see Daredevil (which I used... I was debating saving it as a
>collector's item, but then I got fired a week before the movie so that ended
>that debate) and a free DVD featuring the Daredevil trailer.
> Anyway... I bought this DVD at Target. It was 15 bucks, came with a $5
>coupon for Solaris, and saved me the nauseating experience of buying it from
>*puke* MediaPlay or *puke* Wal-Mart.
> So if you were debating on buying Daredevil on DVD here's my advice:
>BUYITBUYITBUYITBUYIT!!!! They put together a GREAT package. The sound, the
>picture, the extras... oh! and the story too! They're all more than worth it.
>This is the best deal on a DVD I've gotten in long, long time.

If you buy it, does it make you a "metrosexual" or something?

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