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Geo H 06-23-2003 08:24 PM

Re: I will NEVER go DVD
"Jeeters" <> wrote in message news:<>...
> ":" <> wrote in message
> > I will NEVER go DVD
> >
> > I refuse to buy anything called VD.
> > VD (venerial disease) is not a laughing matter, but this young
> > generation seems to think it's a joke. I had a good friend die from
> > VD, and I'd like to find the young punk that named these things.
> > Worse yet, everywhere I go there are signs advertising VD now.
> > I think it's time the government starts to crack down on this punky
> > young generation and show them what it's like to suffer like we did
> > when we were younger. Whoever named these things DVD was a sick,
> > sick, very sick perverted individual. I dont think this is funny at
> > all.

> You have too much free time. Get a job. Wait... it's Friday night. Get a
> date.

...And dont forget to wear your DVCondum after your DVDate, you never
know these days with anyone you hook up with, you might wind up
catching DVD from some loose DVChick. It would suck if you got
yourself an STDVD from a one night drunken DVFling.

Just WHAT does a Video Disc have to do with a Venerial
incessant miserable little troll ??? Im sure if your friend was alive
today, HE'd own a DVD player

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