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sat 12-09-2005 02:08 AM

Setting up network
Follow-up: microsoft.public.windowsxp.network_web

Desktop Win XP HE SP1
Laptop Win XP HE SP2

Set-up: Desktop hooked to Linksys Wireless router--but hooked into port
through LAN Cable
Laptop connects to router wirelessly

Laptop and desktop CAN ping each other.

Excuse my complete ignorance but I would like to hook my desktop and
laptop up on some kind o network so that they can see each other, can
share some files but most importantly, I can print from the laptop to
the printer hooked up to the desktop.

I know it is very feasible and not difficult to do (I have used such
set-up on a friend's wireless network at his place.)

Can anyone tell me how to accomplish this?

Thanks. S

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