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xoyo 11-27-2005 05:14 PM

Ad hoc WLAN problem, adapter disconnects automatically

We set up a wireless ad hoc network with 10 machines, but some
adapter will get disconnected after some time (a few minutes to
a few hours), and there will be an event 4202 in the event viewer.
Sometimes it will show disconnected in the system tray, sometimes
it still shows connected, but the bandwidth becomes 2M and I can't
ping from or to this machine.
The configuration of this network is:
- Wireless adapter is Dell 1450 USB 2.0 54M wireless adapter.
I'm sure I'm using the latest driver.
- The adapters are operating in 802.11 G mode (ad hoc).
- The bandwidth is 54M (we also used 11M before, the same
problem happens).
- We have tried both automatically assigned IP by Windows
and static IP for each machine.
- OS is Windows XP Pro, I'm not sure about the SP version.

I have done quite a lot Googling, someone also had this problem
but no one has given a solution.

If you know the solution or any helpful information, please
tell me, thank you very much!


fasthackm 07-14-2011 12:21 AM

No One Can Help Us??!!!
I'm also having the same problem:

encrypt/open, 1 client xp/ 1 client win7. The xp client has 1 external wireless adapt and 1 built in, but neither will stay connected to the adhoc network I created for both laptops to play a multiplayer game! I will press connect on the xp client, it will report connected (really fast), then it reports acquiring the add (takes about 2 minutes), but it reports connected while its acquiring. Right after it acquires it disconnects!! The laptops are close together, I'm beginning to think that the auto ip ability in Windows is the culprit, I'm vexed!!
Someone must have an idea on what the hell the problem is! AdHoc is very handy, but reliable it ain't!!
The only variable (I can think of) in my situation, is the presence of extraneous radio traffic in the same building I am gaming in. Last wk, the xp client connected and stayed that way, this wk it connects and just falls off right away, help us!!

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