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Pete C 04-28-2004 03:07 AM

Re: nikon 5700 accessory (hot shoe) flash SB-50DX or non-nikon
I have used my Pentax flashes (280 and 400T) using the hot shoe.
I set the flash to ISO 80 and set the 5700 to Aperature priority and
the f stop to whatever flash range I chose. The pictures come out
pretty good. Unfortunately, the cameras flash also fires and if too
close to the subject will result in overexposure. If you tell the
camera flash not to fire, it will not trigger the other flash.
You do need to watch the voltage issues. My Metz flash is high
voltage and I have not tried it as Nikon is I think a 12 volt system
and they cautioned me against using a high voltage flash.
Pete C

On Fri, 19 Mar 2004 20:11:43 GMT, R S Prigan <>

>Has anyone used non-Nikon accessory flash on this nikon or similar? Of
>course the manual warns us *never* to use another brand, ...
>> Use Only Nikon Flash Accessories
>> Use only Nikon Speedlights. Negative voltages or voltages over 250 V
>>applied to the camera's sync terminal could not only prevent normal
>>operation, but damage the sync circuitry of the camera or flash.

>I have a Vivitar 4800 with a guide number of 80 for iso 100. This would be
>a whole lot cheaper that buying a Nikon SB-50DX for close to $200! (Of
>course the mount is another issue - currently have OM mount). If there are
>no voltage issues, I imagine I could use it with the meter built into the

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