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Joshua G 03-05-2004 05:25 PM

Image Cataloguing Software needed -- View Count

Please help me to locate image cataloguing software that keeps track of an
file's View Count: the number of times an image has been opened or accessed.

Winamp 5.0 features a media library that catalogues sound files with the
following fields available: play count, played last, last time accessed.

I would like these same fields collected, but for images not sound.

My goal is to be able to view a large number of images and to know which
images -- in my case, archaeological artifacts -- have been viewed most
often and which have been neglected.

(I would like the basic features of a slideshow/cataloguing program -- like
Thumbs Plus -- that allows images to be viewed full screen, images deleted
through one-touch (DEL), and to proceed to next file using one-button

Thanks Greatly for your help!

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